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Rosa Pfluger – Sternenbilder

Object (X-ray viewer and printed foil) and video (4:30min)

The future of medicine is unknown. With the critical gaze of a doctor, we try to pierce through the darkness; like an astronomer, we interpret signals caught by the camera’s eye. The body becomes a tripod, the camera lense becomes retina. The isolating darkness surrounds our body like a protective membrane. The black vastness of digital space turns into a prophetical clear night sky. contact, insta

Nena cermak – Pumper, merger

mixed media sculpture in video

Beings from the cosmos COSMILUTION offer revolutionary, solution-oriented survival plans for the future. Differentness merges with specialty, fluid development frees the detachment of obsolete fixations. contact, insta

Pauline Stroux – @Home

interactive multimedia installation

You know me, now meet my COT.

We get in contact with the members of an advanced optimization community.
Optimization in progress – The Optimizers are @“Home“ contact, insta

Tatjana Vall –  from head to heart

Two channel video installation (7 min)

A certain state of mind happen­ed to be quite outstanding for detecting simularities between human and nonhuman behaviour. Predictable anomalies determine all living crea­tures. web, insta

Zarah Abraham – Hormone molecules and receptors I

Digital collage/ graphit on paper, 25x25cm

Translating representation back and forth, combining metaphors in order to find abstract formulas for alienation. contact, insta

Angela Neu – Holy Platzhalter

oil on canvas digitally adjusted

Holy Platzhalter is a parameter, a placeholder for you and me


Nina Alverdes – Erste Hilfe, Woche der Wiederbelebung

absurd dialogues are laid, scrutinisation of the actions, the will to stimulate sympathy to the outside world, beyond fashion and isms. To practice the doubt without despair and making it visible.
contact, web

Kathrin Herold – LOOSE ENDS SERIES

Installation / Video

Transformative interaction of  environmental material, revealing depth in what we see as the  surface.

Magdalena Kratzer – Koerperklaenge

digital sound installation

Listen to the sounds that our ­human bodies make, connect them to a rhythm. Learn to explore the simultaneity and basis of our existence on a new auditory level.
contact, insta

annoel- darmhirn

two-channel video presentation of clay object

coherent system of natural algorithms –
neural network as organism